It’s a storytime party at Bennett School Museum this summer!   Pre-K-1st graders will enjoy an hour of stories, songs and crafts. All children and their adults are welcome!

Storytimes are 10:30-11:30, and an adult must accompany the children. The Bennett School Museum is at 4001 Fuller Road, West Des Moines. 

Free, but donations are gratefully accepted to help cover expenses.

Tuesday, June 4: Let’s Be Friends!

Today we are going to be talking about what it means to be a friend. Raise your hand if you have a best friend.
Who is it? Who can be your friend? (a pet, your mom or dad, grandparent, school friend)

Tuesday, June 18: More Fairy Tales

Have you ever heard a fairy tale? Which one?
What is a fairy tale? (a made-up story for children with magical events and imaginary creatures; usually has a problem to solve or
a “bad guy” character; usually has a hero and has a happy ending) Today we will hear some silly fairy tales that you may not
have heard before.

Tuesday, July 16: Library Fun!

Have you ever been to the library? What did you do or see there? (check out books and movies, puppets, toys, storytime, even free passes to places like the zoo) Today we will read some fun stories about reading and the library!

Tuesday, July 30: Let’s Catch some Zzzzzs!

Raise your hand if you like bedtime. Why? Why not? Sometimes we are afraid that we may be missing out on something fun if we must go to bed, but a good night’s sleep is important to keep our bodies and brains healthy. Sleep is like giving your body a mini-vacation. If we don’t sleep well, we can also be cranky or clumsy the next day. Let’s listen to some fun stories about bedtime!

Bonus fun: Wear your favorite pair of jammies to storytime!

Tuesday, August 6: Rolling in the Dough; A Storytime About Cookies

What is your favorite kind of cookie? Have you ever helped to make them? Today we will hear some stories with some interesting characters, and they all LOVE cookies! Teach children ASL sign for cookie, and they can make it whenever the word is mentioned in the book.

Tuesday, August 20: Scrub-A-Dub-Dub

Who likes to take a bath? Who hates to take a bath? Baths can be a lot of fun, especially with a lot of bubbles
and toys. Baths are also very important because they clean the germs from our bodies and keep us healthy. Today we will read
some funny books about bathtime!