How You Can Support the West Des Moines Historical Society

The West Des Moines Historical Society encourages your support to assist our volunteer efforts education, preservation and celebration, of the history and heritage of West Des Moines.

Your gifts will make a difference in the community and provide much needed funds to support our operations. There are many ways you can support us:

Cash: Donating by check, online or by bank transfer may be the quickest and most convenient way to give.  Donors contributing with credit cards may add a percentage to cover processing fees.

Stocks:  Transferring stock offers the opportunity to save on capital gains and income taxes and allows you to deduct the value of the stock at current market rates regardless of your original purchase price.

Matching Gifts:  Please consider asking your employer if they offer matching gifts.

Donor-Advised Fund: Charitable contributions used to fund your donor-advised charitable fund can easily be transferred by submitting the West Des Moines Historical Society information to your fund representative.

Qualified Charitable Distributions from your IRA / RMD: Those over 70.5 years of age can make charitable donations payable directly to the West Des Moines Historical Society from their IRA account and avoid personal income tax liabilities.  Individuals 72 years of age and older, may consider making your required minimum distribution (RMD) payable to the Society.

Pledges: Making a three or four-year pledge to the West Des Moines Historical Society can spread larger gifts out over time and greatly assists the organization with future budgeting and planning needs.

Real Estate: Gifting real estate to the West Des Moines Historical Society can be accomplished by working with the West Des Moines Historical Society staff and advisors prior to making a transfer.  Gifting real estate offers tax advantages, avoids capital gains, and allows you to claim the current fair market appraised value of your property as a tax deduction.

Legacy Gifts:

  • Name the West Des Moines Historical Society as a beneficiary in your will by listing a specific gift, property, or specific amount of money or stock.
  • Name the Society as a beneficiary on your insurance policies, IRA’s and other investments.
  • Consider transferring paid-up insurance policies into the West Des Moines Historical Society name.

Remember a Loved One: Please talk with a staff member to recognize a loved one in perpetuity.

For more information, please contact:
Gale Brubaker, Executive Director

West Des Moines Historical Society
P.O.Box 65563
West Des Moines, IA 50265

For your records, our Federal Tax ID # is 23-7132446.