Scott Hart

Why did you join the West Des Moines Historical Society Board of Directors?

“I’m part of the WDMHS board because I love preserving our history and helping educate the public on historic events to give context to modern issues.”

What do you do in your free time? 

“After graduating from Drake University, history major of course, and getting a full time job in finance I became involved with WDMHS doing tours and researching WDM’s history and people. Between all that I got in my head to go to the UK to get my master’s degree in museum studies. Loved the experience and all my friends that I made along the way. Next up getting my PhD? Maybe. Anyone want to fund it so I can fulfill my dream of being a Hart doctor?”

If you could time travel to any time, past or future, When and where would that be? 

 I’m not sure. There’s so many events I would like to see and experience. I’m a student at heart, and constantly wanting to learn. With that in mind, I really like the present because there’s so many ways to research and to learn different events and perspectives. Our records and knowledge aren’t perfect, but the amount of knowledge that’s available is truly amazing.