The first class of the James C. Jordan Scholars Leadership Institute met Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at West Des Moines City Hall. Seventeen high school juniors from eleven area high schools attended monthly meetings hosted by leaders from business, governance, agriculture, insurance, education, transportation and social justice. Lively conversations about the history of Central Iowa success and challenges for the future are always an important part of the Scholars’ interactions.







The 2015/2016 James C. Jordan Scholars are: 

  • Elliott Anderson                      Hoover High School
  • Vivian Broderick                     Dowling High School
  • Abigail Dowd                           Dowling High School
  • Ryan Hummel                         Walnut Creek Campus
  • Rachel Green                            WDM Valley High School
  • Jordan Jenkins                         Lincoln High School
  • Calla Lloyd                                 Roosevelt High School
  • Cesar Marfal                              North High School
  • Linda Melara                             Lincoln High School
  • Cheyann Neades                       North High School
  • Haley Ness                                 Johnston High School
  • Noah LaVie                                East High School
  • Libbie Skeffington                    East High School
  • Nicholas Toulouse                    Roosevelt High School
  • Allison Tow                                WDM Valley High School
  • Colton Zimmerman                  Walnut Creek Campus
  • Lal Zual                                        Hoover High School


Graduation for the 2015/2016 class was held Wednesday, May 18 at the Raccoon River Park Lodge. Guest speaking Chris Diebel, Managing Director for LPCA Public Strategies, spoke on “Stoking the Millennial Fire.”

The 16 Scholars were recognized for their successes over the past 8 months, including contributions during meetings with area leaders, submissions on an on-line blog, and the writing of an essay in an attempt to demonstrate the lessons they learned.

All the Jordan Scholars were amazing young leaders, and received a shirt from Raygun with “I.O.W.A.: Incredible Overachievers With Attitude.” Four Scholars were recognized as recipients of a financial awards sponsored by the Jordan Family Foundation.

From L to R: Vivian Broderick, Ali Tow, Abigail Dowd, Noah LeVie.







The West Des Moines Historical Society extends special thanks to the sponsors of the inaugural James C. Jordan Leadership Institute.






  The Jordan Foundation